The Most Popular Remodeling Goals for Bathrooms and Kitchens Today

Strategically remodeling a particular part of a home can be one of the best ways to make it more enjoyable to live in. The right remodeling project can even increase a home’s market value significantly and encourage prospective buyers to submit offers.

There are two rooms that consistently stand out as being the top targets for remodeling in most homes. Recognizing which kinds of goals homeowners most often set for their own kitchens and bathrooms can make deciding even easier.

The Undeniable Value of a Better Designed, More Accommodating Bathroom

Many homes’ master bathrooms end up being sources of stress and frustration. With two people commonly competing for the amenities therein, a bathroom that is not especially well designed can easily breed annoyance. Some of the most popular bathroom remodeling improvements include:

Double sinks. Simply adding a second sink to a bathroom can make contention and collisions a lot less common. Oftentimes, projects like these will be eased through the use of vanities that are designed specifically to host a pair of selected sinks. In other cases, freestanding sinks can be supplemented with the addition of extra shelving and other storage features.

A new tub or shower. Even a few minutes spent in a hot shower or a luxurious bath can be satisfying. Upgrading a bathroom’s shower stall or bathtub can be especially productive, as well. Many bathroom remodeling projects revolve around such improvements and up being some of the most satisfying and productive of all.

Enabling Even Better Times in the Kitchen

Many people today enjoy spending time in the kitchen, whether in the company of loved ones and friends or preparing meals in peaceful solitude. The right type of kitchen remodeling can help make such moments even more pleasant and rewarding. A couple of the most commonly sought improvements are:

Stone counter tops. In many parts of the country, almost all new homes built today include kitchen counters made from granite or another stone. Older houses, on the other hand, often lack such features, and that can make them harder to sell and less pleasant to live in.

More storage. An overcrowded kitchen is one where cooking becomes harder than it needs to be. A perennially popular kitchen remodeling tactic is to add new cabinets and other types of storage.

With many other projects also consistently improving bathrooms and kitchens for those who own and use them, it is easy to see why these rooms regularly receive so much attention. In a great many cases, remodeling efforts that focus on one or both spaces pay impressive dividends.


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